Tai Moses is the author of the book, Zooburbia: Meditations On The Wild Animals Among Us (Parallax Press, May 2014). A journalist for more than two decades, she has edited alternative newsweeklies in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley, and she is the former senior editor of AlterNet, an online progressive news magazine. Her articles, essays and reviews have been widely published in the independent press.


Tai grew up in Echo Park, a neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles known for its steep hills, zigzagging staircases and proximity to the urban wilds of Elysian Park. At 17, she hitchhiked across the U.S. and Canada, landing in Yosemite National Park where she lived and worked for nearly two years. Before becoming a journalist, she held dozens of different jobs, including pet store clerk, motel maid, animal trainer’s assistant, and seasonal firefighter/EMT.



She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, dog and a number of cats.

Tai shares a kiss with Mac at a Zooburbia event in Mendocino.Bookstores and dogs are two of her favorite things. Even better together.